About Us

Propre has introduced a new way to clean.

The SKOOSH and SKOOP range of cleaning products for the home are highly effective, environmentally friendly, super concentrates that deliver amazing value. By simply using SKOOSH and SKOOP products Propre will start and continue our customers journey to live Footprint Free or carbon neutral.

Our Passion

offer our customers quality, proven & trusted products with true convenience

allow our Partners to create their desired lifestyle with real freedom

be supportive, gentle and caring towards our environment & community

We have created a New Way – an environment where our customers enjoy quality products and service and our Partners can create their desired lifestyle.

The Team at Propre are passionate and committed. We have decades of professional and industry experience. At Propre we believe everyone should live B.I.G.G.E.R.  This represented by the values of Bravery, Integrity, Generosity, Gratitude, Empowerment and Resilience.

Propre is a visionary, service driven company. The traditional old way of Direct Sales has become outdated and less relevant. The old way is not working anymore.

We have created a New Way. The New Way is built on quality products and an exceptional customer experience. The New Way is built on loyalty. This platform enables our Partners to create a viable, sustainable business that can deliver real freedom and a desired lifestyle.

If you want to make a positive difference to our earth, then you need to partner with a visionary company that is committed to making a positive and significant impact.

It is time to partner with Propre.

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